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Manufactured Component Parts for Finished Products Industries

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Company History

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Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. PMPA - Precision Machined Parts Association

P&T Metal Detail started as a partnership in 1955, between D.V. Pittenger and Woodrow Thompson. At the time, they were working out of a room rented from a small furniture manufacturer located east of downtown Dallas. They were mainly involved in making parts for the soda drink machine industry.

In 1958, they built a new 2,000 square foot building and moved. In 1960, Thompson bought out Pittenger, and the company began operating as a sole proprietorship involved in seismographic, Icee machine and automobile after market tooling work. All of the equipment used at that time was conventional. Mr. Thompson built two additional add-on buildings as the company grew over the next few years, making a total of 6,800 square feet. No solid documented quality system existed.

In 1962, the company incorporated. In 1969, Woodrow Thompson passed away, and Woodrow Thompson, II took over running the business. The company quickly became involved in automatic screw machine work and outgrew the then-current location. The corporation built a new 15,000 square foot building at the present location and moved to the new facilities in 1975.

The initials "P&T" were dropped leaving the present name Metal Detail, Inc. The corporation got involved in musical instrument parts, as well as various other industries, which required new, high tech equipment. In 1986, the corporation started purchasing numerical controlled lathes in order to produce more critical dimension products. Several years later NC Mills were acquired and more advances were made.

With the advancement of new equipment, the quality system had to advance. Metal Detail went through various programs such as First Time Right, SPC, and JIT at our customers' request. The corporation also received ISO Certification in 2003, to meet current customer satisfaction and to acquire new customers.

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